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About Us and our Service Niche

Want to go assist the Pilot operation for creating your own footage?

That is precisely why we are here.

You as the customer will also get to wear the brand new Reality goggles so that you can precisely direct the pilot during the operation.

The company owner worked at INSITU, Inc. for 8 years before venturing out and beginning to provide these services. You will be served by a refined, FAA certified, focused, creative pilot guaranteed.

Imagine "YOU", acting as CoPilot during operations.

Give your data your own finishing touch by verbally directing the pilot where you'd like them to fly and what angles you want. No flight skills necessary. Your requests are granted 100%, unless it would break a law.   We honor written laws. You will never find air-space rumors here. We do not limit our copilot flight based on general public opinion.

Make it happen your way!

Our pilot shoulders all danger, risk and liability for entire operation. Yes, we are insured during all commercial operations. We can also provide services from moving vehicles.


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We love our customers and can do a short demo for free depending on operation locations.

*Main industries we can provide services for:

Aerial Audits



Retirement services

Real Estate documentation

Residential home owners

Army Corp of Engineers

Wildlife service surveys

Forest service recon.

Ladderless Inspections


Natural resource recon.

UAS Copilot

Hood River, Oregon, United States

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Monday - Saturday: 7am - 1pm PST 

By appointment

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