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*AGL Above Ground Level

Special Requirements??

Do you need something Unique?

If you need something really specific done we are able to accommodate it. We are willing and motivated to hear your special requests and find creative ways to meet your needs.

Airspace research needed??

We are happy to do the FAA airspace research that would be necessary for all contracts and operations.

Want to see what others have said about our services??

"This is way too awesome. Why didn't I think of having this done before?"  --White Salmon, Resident

"This is soooo neat. It will be nice to have our property documented for future planning. --Hood River Resident 

"The angle on that will be perfect for getting the full perspective on our property." White Salmon Resident

Have legal concerns, neighbor concerns?

I am an FAA certified drone pilot. That means I know exactly what is required to keep the law and operate responsibly and effectively in all airspace situations. I am deeply committed to doing so and to keep your neighbors happy and reassured. Privacy is paramount in my perspective also.

Would you like to meet me first??

I am happy to make myself available to meet you at our home. We live at and manage Secure Storage in Hood River, Oregon. 


"Do you fly above 400ft?"  -Currently the FAA has dictated that 400ft AGL altitude is the limit for commercial and private use. In rare project cases a waiver can be requested and sometimes granted to operate outside the normal laws and regulations, but is a very lengthy process and 140 day advanced notification is often required.

"Do you have the resources to operate for extended periods from a boat?"

-Yes, we can and do own a boat for water operation. We can operate as a stationary or moving watercraft.